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Announcing our 2nd Spark cohort of 2020

It’s already Q2 of 2020 and despite one of the most deadly and disruptive global pandemics in modern history, four...

Sam Dickie @ ucreate Sam Dickie ·

Should I spend time on a throwaway MVP?

Startups are, by definition, incredibly risky. That’s where the MVP comes in. To eliminate the biggest risk in the...

Marcin Mycek @ ucreate Marcin Mycek ·

Meet the Spark Micro Incubator 2020: Q1 Cohort

This year we quietly launched our first incubator programme at ucreate — Spark. Meet the founders we worked with during...

Sam Dickie @ ucreate Sam Dickie ·

Start with Problem Validation, NOT Solution Validation

Too many times people are quick to hypothesise a solution with little understanding of the problem. You need to...

Sam Dickie @ ucreate Sam Dickie ·