Passion, energy and drive. The team isn't here by chance.

We partner with ambitious founders to launch, grow and scale their businesses.

ucreate team
ucreate team ucreate team
ucreate team
ucreate team
ucreate team
We've built and lauched 23 startups

Our startups have raised over £25m

We've grown to a 100+ people strong team

We’re a friendly bunch in the ucreate team and we’re passionate about helping founders on their business journey. If you’d like to talk more, book a call today. 

Leadership Team

Matt Jonns

Founder and CEO

Daniel Christey

Group Director

Pawel Kaminski


Paula Jago


Campbell Williams


Jim Shirley


Board and Advisors

Peter Goodman

Board Member

Simon Rendell

Board Member

Ian Jordan


Mark Fishleigh

Board Member

David Kirby

Board Member

Bill Morrow


United Kingdom

Leon James

Global Technical Director

Jessica Berrisford

Delivery Director

Meg Dilnot

Marketing Director

Joe Dempsey

Product Lead

Sam Dickie

Product Lead

Francis Labiran

Product Lead

Victoria Davies

Senior Product Manager

Pippa Stevens

Product Manager

Ammar Ahmad

Product Manager

John Miniadis

Head of Growth

Sarah Steven

Company secretary

Andrew Wier

Head of Accountancy

Dana Raileanu

Venture Scout

Mike Stevenson

Head of Investment & Commercial Services

Sam Truman

Client Accounts Assistant

Sean O'Dowd

Project Coordinator

Simi Solesi

Delivery Manager

Wan-lin Tai

Product & Experience designer

Julhash Aldeen

Delivery Manager


Marcin Dusza

Head of Delivery Centre

Filip Wodnicki

R&D Engineer


Neeraj Agarwal

Head of People

Chandni Yadav

Talent Acquisition Manager

Jagdeep Singh Kalsi

Back-end Tech Lead

Sarabjeet Singh

Front-end Tech Lead