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Finance for tomorrow

We now provide affordable financial resources that scale up or down with...

Jim Shirley ·

The Complete Guide to Smoke Testing

Smoke tests are a low-risk way to test desirability for a product or...

Sam Dickie ·

Thoughts: only brave business leaders can save UK plc

As company founders and business leaders, we have a moral obligation – to...

Campbell Williams ·

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Announcing: She Has No Limits Conference

ucreate is sponsoring the She Has No Limits conference, an event for professional women to learn, be inspired and...

Meg Dilnot @ ucreate Meg Dilnot ·

Founders Forum with Bill Morrow

ucreate Founders Forum with Bill Morrow from Angels Den

Campbell Williams @ ucreate Campbell Williams ·

Announcing our 2nd Spark cohort of 2020

It’s already Q2 of 2020 and despite one of the most deadly and disruptive global pandemics in modern history, four...

Sam Dickie @ ucreate Sam Dickie ·

Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Digitise Your Business

If you’re a founder, CEO or business leader, why should you be looking to digitise your business?

Campbell Williams @ ucreate Campbell Williams ·

Six Things to Think About Before Digitising Your Business

In our early-stage conversations with founders/CEOs, there are typically six major talking points and things you’ll...

Founders Forum with Joe Trodden

Joe Trodden, executive coach and mentor, helps businesses to scale up.

11 Things to Look for in your First Developer for a Startup

Hiring first developer is hard. But just like with dating, you have a much better chance of success if you think...

Marcin Mycek @ ucreate Marcin Mycek ·

Should I spend time on a throwaway MVP?

Startups are, by definition, incredibly risky. That’s where the MVP comes in. To eliminate the biggest risk in the...

Marcin Mycek @ ucreate Marcin Mycek ·

Meet the Spark Micro Incubator 2020: Q1 Cohort

This year we quietly launched our first incubator programme at ucreate — Spark. Meet the founders we worked with during...

Sam Dickie @ ucreate Sam Dickie ·

Start with Problem Validation, NOT Solution Validation

Too many times people are quick to hypothesise a solution with little understanding of the problem. You need to...

Sam Dickie @ ucreate Sam Dickie ·

Introducing Spark - our new early-stage Launchpad for Startup Founders

Spark is a 6 week, rapid, early-stage launchpad for passionate startup founders

Sam Dickie @ ucreate Sam Dickie ·

Automatic AC system

Description of the automatic AC system used to turn off the AC if no one is in the office

Bartek Olma @ ucreate Bartek Olma ·

Top 3 reasons why you should join ucreate in 2019

The beginning of 2019 turned out to be a crazy busy time at ucreate - and equally exciting at the same time

Marcin Dusza @ ucreate Marcin Dusza ·

Why we don't use a fixed scope

How long will it take to build the product? How much will all these features cost? Common questions that require a...

Joe Dempsey @ ucreate Joe Dempsey ·

The traits and skills behind our product team

The traits and skills behind our product team

Alex Bolas @ ucreate Alex Bolas ·

Blockchain for Product Managers & Start-up Founders — Part 2

There is a tremendous amount of hype around blockchain as a technology that will revolutionise all domains of our...

Marcin Mycek @ ucreate Marcin Mycek ·
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