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We Are

[ A whole new type of development agency ]

We are a development firm specialising in helping seed funded start ups from idea to launch and beyond. In return for a small equity stake in your idea we help get you off the ground faster than anyone else. Ideas that take others years to come to life can be done within weeks.


We bring your ideas to life

We work with all kinds of founders from non technical creative visionaries to experienced CTO's in need of a helping hand with development. We work with founders with incredible ideas and visions but might not have the technical knowledge or resourced to turn those ideas into commercially viable products. We do!


We monetize your idea

We extract the idea from you, the founders' head and turn it into beautiful UI and investor docs and also help you every step of the way from investment, presentations, ideas and monetising the idea.


We enhance your business

We can build teams for tech start ups as if they are your own in house developers with regular updates, lean start up, agile development. Build a fast prototype and get it to your customers so you can update and change it to suit them not you !

[ How we can help ]



When we go into business together we are partners. That means you can reply on us to be there every step of the way; we are not just another development firm but your own in house development team sharing your passion, vision and drive for the business.



Sometimes the quickest way to see your idea come to life is by creating a brand. Our team of talented designers can do this for you in a heartbeat, quickly realising your vision and turning this into something beautiful to show off to investors. From here we can create UI screens that makes your idea come to life. Work that usually takes months and serious financial commitment can be done in days for a fraction of the cost.



Got an idea for a game ? We can help you turn that into reality at a fraction of the usual cost in return for a revenue share. Our team of developers will turn that idea you have into a commercially viable business.

How Works

[ We believe in developing technology fast and getting it to your users' quickly ]

  • Communication schedule that works around you and your needs, from weekly meetings updates to real time updates on slack and basecamp
  • We can work with any resources or technologies you already have, so if you have a designer we will just use what he creates, if you have an old code we will be happy to work with it and asses its value.
  • We learn with you, we share the experiences from previous projects and we discuss what works and what does not, we belive in transaprancy so you have access to everyone in our team from CEO, throught developers testers and designers.


After a few hours with our tech and design guru's we will have a defined feature list with a clear strategy for your idea. Within a few days the team will have a logo for your business along with some example UI/UX screens. This makes your entire business feel real and can speed up development by months. We can even have some working code to you within a week.

Minimum Viable Product

We extract your vision from inside your head and create wireframes, user stories, UI Screen. We'll even be your stand in CTO for as long as you need to give you some clout with investors.

We agree with you the most simple form of your idea and get cracking so that you can start running your business. With top level features agreed you are free to be flexible with how you use us.


The first version of your product is launched so you can learn from live customers what is and what isn't working

Ongoing Development

Using our team of dedicated professionals we structure your project in a way that works best for you. If you need a particular feature built faster than another for an investor or to prove concept this isn't an issue. We are as flexible as they come.

Maintenance can set up a monthly maintenance contract to assist you with all things technical on an ongoing basis. This can range from just maintaining what you have built or a full scale development contract meaning your technology can evolve as your business does.

Why do we work like this ?

If you limit yourself to a fixed feature list you leave yourself open to building a product nobody wants. Build your idea fast and cheaply and then test on real customers to determine the next step. Agile development is faster and more successful than static feature driven development.



The amount of untapped start up ideas currently sitting in potential super star CEO's heads waiting to be brought to life by the team


7 days

To get a your idea into a defined feature list with clear monetary strategy, brand and example UI screens


12 weeks

We will build ANY Minimum Viable Product in under 12 weeks. We take the most simple form of your idea and build it, get it to market before anyone else so you can get on with selling, raising money and growing your business.



That's about an average week for us at

[ Working with ]

We don't work 9-5 and we certainly don't wear ties. Looking to be involved in something truly exciting ? We're hiring. Get in touch with us today.

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