How to validate your business idea

Learn more about your target market, understand your customers, validate your proposed solutions and create a clear plan of action.

Your host

You have a startup idea, now what?

This webinar is going to take you through our unique framework - providing you with actionable and practicable experiments to rapidly validate your startup idea.

ucreate spark customer development

Customer development

The process of identifying and understanding the pains and needs of our target audience.

ucreate spark 6-step framework

Our 6-Step framework

The overall validation framework we use to identify, define and test our assumptions.

ucreate spark acquisition


How we find and acquire our target audience to help contribute to our experiments.

Mistakes we want you to avoid

Validation is the first step in moving towards learning more about the problem you're ultimately looking to solve.

No user feedback loop

Most startups fail because founders assume their idea is golden. But they don’t spend time consulting real-life customers to validate the idea itself.

Launching too late

All too often, we strive to get everything right the first time. As a consequence, our products suffer from costly delays and insufficient feedback.

Hiring too soon

Founders often waste months of work and thousands of pounds on a bad idea. Learn how to validate your idea without writing a single line of code.


Some of what we'll cover

Accelerate your learning process and learn how to validate your startup idea

ucreate webinar buyer personas

Buyer Personas

Learn how to identify and approach your target audience.

ucreate webinar assumption and bias

Assumption & Bias

Understand how assumptions and biases could sink your idea.

ucreate webinar market validation

Market Validation

Explore this essential part of the puzzle before you start.

ucreate webinar testing and experiments

Testing & Experiments

Determine how and where to find the information you need.

ucreate webinar find and increase users

Find & Increase Users

Discover the quickest ways to find and build your audience.

ucreate webinar lean canvas

Lean Canvas

Learn how a lean canvas will keep you focused and on track.


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