Digitise your Business: from offline to online

The last few months have taught us that COVID-19 is an accelerant to obsolescence. How can technology keep our businesses relevant?

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Our speakers

Transform your traditional business

Using real-life examples and practical case studies, this webinar will answer three major questions

Why move to an online tech platform? - ucreate webinar

Why move to an online tech platform?

Developing your own IP in tech means a higher valuation, better CX and making money while you sleep.

What sorts of products could you build? - ucreate webinar

What sorts of products could you build?

New tech approaches mean new ways to reimagine your business model. We’ll explore some of the options.

How can you digitise and move online? - ucreate webinar

How can you digitise and move online?

We’ll review proven methods for testing customer needs, mapping user journeys and building prototypes.

Same destination, different paths

There are three major ways to move to an online, tech platform-based, digital business


Hybrid Approach

Add new digital ways of working and self-service models to your existing business core.

ucreate bolt

Total Rebuild

Tear up your offline business model and rebuild it completely as a native digital play.


Launch a new brand

Leverage your core competencies to spin up a new brand for a tech-powered product.

Your hosts

Join Matt Jonns, our CEO, Pawel Kaminski, our CTO and Paul Conway, Founder and CEO of Yuno, one of our portfolio companies, to discuss the whys, whats and hows of moving your business online.

Matt Jonns, CEO & Founder of ucreate

Matt Jonns

Founder and CEO, ucreate

Matt started his tech journey by taking a traditional retail business and building an e-commerce play from scratch. After selling that company, he founded ucreate to help other companies launch new products and to provide tech teams that power business growth.

Paul Conway, CEO of Yuno

Paul Conway

CEO, Yuno

Paul is an entrepreneur, advisor and board director. He is founder and CEO of HMO Services, a property licensing and compliance company, which he recreated online as Yuno, a digital property compliance business that he launched in 2019.

Pawel Kaminski, CTO of ucreate

Pawel Kaminski

CTO, ucreate

Pawel has spent 15 years building great tech teams capable of delivering on challenging business opportunities. He has created multiple start-up organisations, helping them grow from concepts to companies with multi-million-dollar valuations before exiting.


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