ucreate Spark Incubator
Fully remote Weekly classes

Weekly online workshops with a Product Manager

An essential process for idea-stage founders looking to prove their concept ahead of building a prototype and raising a pre-seed round.

One-to-one coaching sessions every week, guiding you through a 6-week repeatable sprint process designed to validate your idea, test its validity in the market and prepare to build your Prototype.

What is Spark?

Test your ideas with a series of tactical projects and practical experiments.

Reduce time-to-market

Get your product concept to your users within weeks, not months, and start gathering feedback.

Increase accountability

Your Product Manager will ensure you stay focused, on-track and unbiased throughout.

Lower cost of delivery

Save thousands by gathering all the information you need before you begin building your Prototype.


Over £30,000 in perks available

Get access to perks from companies who would like to see you succeed - everything from analytics to CMS. There are enough credits in there to run most tech stacks for a couple of years.

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ucreate Dealbook Intercom
ucreate Dealbook Stripe
ucreate Dealbook FullStory
ucreate Dealbook Mixpanel
ucreate Dealbook Drift

What you'll learn

Test your ideas with a series of tactical projects and practical experiments.


Discovery & Definition

Translate your idea into a customer-oriented problem, ready for a customer-oriented solution.

  • Understand the Spark methodology
  • Identify a core set of assumptions to validate
  • Setup a highly organised validation workflow
  • Understand various validation experiment types

Customer discovery

Develop an unbiased profile of who your customers are, what they need, and how they want to buy.

  • Understand the customer development process
  • Identify your target customer personas
  • Create your first online survey
  • Establish your product positioning

Value Proposition

Create a bespoke and valuable proposition that your customers, team, and investors can buy into.

  • Define your value proposition
  • Gain a better understanding of your competitors
  • Identify your competitive differentiation
  • Identify alternative business models to consider
  • Discover industry trends and addressable market

Validation Framework

Design a landing page, test your value proposition, and begin building a database of early adopters.

  • Establish your initial branding
  • Produce compelling copy
  • Create a landing page & capture email addresses
  • Establish an automate feedback workflow
  • Set up an automated drip campaign

Customer acquisition

Craft your message, define your audience, and identify your optimum channels for growth.

  • Define a growth Strategy tailored to your company
  • Develop insight into your best performing acquisition channels
  • Establish paid & organic acquisition strategies that convert users

Product Strategy

Outline your strategic vision and target a subset of your audience using our guided framework.

  • Interpret the insights gathered so far
  • Define your post-programme goals
  • Determine a clear set of assumptions to continue validating
  • Discover best practises for funding and pitching

"The Spark programme really helped me create momentum and pushed us to launch an MVP in a matter of weeks. Within 5 weeks we went from zero to having secured our first two revenue-generating customers. their team of product and ‘go to market’ experts challenged our thinking and approach as well as offer a wealth of invaluable tips and tricks. They helped us get much further and faster than we would have done on our own. highly recommended."

Liam Reynolds
Founder of Brillea


Save time and money - reducing risk - by laying solid foundations for your future business. Complete the Spark programme with fewer questions and more answers, ready to build your Prototype.

£ 1995

per seat

Get the most value from the problem validation process by choosing your own workshop times and getting one-to-one coaching with one of our Senior Product Managers as well as input from the wider Product Design Team.

£ 2995

per seat

If you’d like to include additional projects and experiments in your Spark programme curriculum, or would like more input from the Product Design team during the process, we would be delighted to build a curriculum around you.

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Frequently asked questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Yes. However, workshops are typically held on Monday or Tuesday between 8 am and 6 pm (GMT). You will need to attend these workshops. We estimate about 10 hours a week are required to attend workshops and complete each week's tasks.
Online, in your own Zoom workroom.
For the best experience, we recommend our One-to-one programme. We also run cohorts (3-4 people in a group) and offer bespoke programmes.
Whilst the Spark programme is suitable for anyone, it was built with non-technical founders in mind.
Absolutely. Solo or team, everybody is welcome!
We don't take equity from our Spark founders. However, if you choose to build your MVP with us, we often demonstrate our commitment to your idea by reducing costs in return for equity.
We don't offer investment, however, the angels and VCs in our investment ecosystem are always looking for opportunities and we will gladly provide relevant introductions.
🎉 That's great. We currently work in 6-week cycles throughout the year. Apply below and we'll get back to you with the dates.