Make the right investments.

Traditional investment channels will often leave you in the dark with a high degree of uncertainty. But it doesn't have to be that way. Partnering with ucreate offers a bright future.

Consistent pipeline

We provide you with access to a continual flow of exciting early stage businesses that are seeking investment.

Exceptional products

We ensure our businesses are focused on actual user needs and problems. If there isn't a requirement we don't build.

Vetted portfolio

We vet the founder as well as the business. Our holistic approach allows you to reduce risk and uncertainty in your portfolio.

Access validated businesses put through our unique process.

Timescales are flexible based on the unique needs of the business we are working with.

Ground zero

Our relationship starts as we become equity partners.

1st month

Once validated we share the business with our partners.

3rd month

A soft launch for the business to accelerate learning.

6th month

Product and design hired internally after a full launch.

12th month

The option to take ucreate developers fully in house.

David Kirby,
Managing Partner

David is a board member of ucreate

“ucreate's model of equity and fees means that startups can have an immediate team that has the commitment and passion of an in house team with the added benefit of broad access to deep skills, scalability and the experience of what makes a successful tech business. By putting one of my early stage startup investments through their program it has significantly de-risked my investment and I will be looking to send more founders their way as well as considering investing in ucreate’s roster of startups.”

Est. 2015

ucreate by the numbers

Over the last 5 years, we've partnered with many brilliant founders to realise their visions and build profitable businesses with them.


Businesses built and launched


Multi-million £ businesses


In-house experts


Average amount of days from idea to revenue


The amount our businesses have raised


Founders consulted


Why do 90% of startups fail and how does ucreate reduce these odds?

We have built 18 startups over the past 2 years. 15 of those are still in business. 9 have raised significant seed funding off the back of building their MVP with ucreate. One of our startups, which we can’t name just yet, recently raised $17 million at a $100 million valuation.

What are some of your current success stories?

There are many reasons why startups fail but one of the main causes is that the problem the startup is trying to solve does not actually exist. This leads to an expensive, bloated build that fails to attract users and/or monetise. As part of the ucreate process we validate the concept before moving on to the technology build, drastically reducing the risk of failure.

Why do you take equity as well as bill for your services?

Although our rates are discounted compared with a standard agency we are not a cheaper alternative. Our process works, as is shown by the success of the startups we have worked with so far. To do this we need to employ great staff. The type of staff who are passionate about building superb products and being part of the startup world. To properly incentivise them and make sure the energy and passion from the founder is shared by the team everyone has a small slice of the pie.

What additional value do you offer the startup?

We act as the startups full team until they are ready to take roles in house. The founder is not alone and has access to product, design and tech functions. We completely de-risk the proposition for the founder and the investor as there is no commitment to employment contracts. As well as building the team and managing the product we also have a growing network of partners that includes marketing, legals, accounting as well investors like yourself. We provide or grant access to the full ecosystem of services.

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