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B2B Growth Marketer

ucreate office in London HQ
London HQ

Who we are

ucreate team
ucreate team ucreate team
ucreate team
ucreate team
ucreate team

We partner with ambitious startup founders and equip them with the team, tools, expertise and scale to build highly successful technology companies. ucreate is headquartered in London, UK but our teams are spread out across many cities around the world.

The fun stuff you'll actually be doing:

  • Lead generation via multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • All inbound and outbound campaigns - from production, through testing and optimisation, to reporting
  • Content production and copywriting - including testing and optimisation of copy and other campaign assets such as landing pages
  • Managing our digital comms channels (blog, email, socials etc)
  • Driving traffic to the ucreate website via organic and paid channels including SEO, PPC, socials, and platforms such as Quora
  • Steering traffic across the website, owning the customer journeys and creating content, campaigns, and workflows that take visitors from contact acquisition to retention
  • Building and optimising our email automation and lead nurturing process

What we need and what you have:

  • More than two years of experience creating content and campaigns to attract, engage and delight B2B audiences using Hubspot’s full suite of marketing features
  • Experience co-ordinating successful multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • A solid understanding and ability to experiment, test, learn and optimise
  • Have a growth-hacker mindset, being able to think outside of the box to find and engage our audience
  • Work with internal teams to establish growth strategies to support our revenue goals
  • Prepare and present recommendations, reports, and findings from experimental data all the way up to the executive level

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