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Bespoke teams

We use our experience to build the team you need. With you in control, your team is empowered to help you navigate your startup to success. Via our global team, we can assemble teams with every discipline, skillset and experience level.

Cost efficient

We utilise lean and agile techniques to ensure we get your business to market as efficiently as possible. Despite using a fast approach, we never compromise on quality.

Flexible approaches

Because we are immersed in your business with you, we can help suggest team changes to respond to market feedback or changing circumstances. Startups with low fixed overheads and the correct team have a much higher chance of success.

What you can expect

We act as your technical co-founder until you're ready to take roles in-house. We completely de-risk the proposition for you and investors, as there is no commitment to employment contracts.


Mentorship throughout on product, design and tech strategy. You also benefit from exclusive access to our alumni, partner and investor communities.

A user-centric approach backed by thorough research. Our teams are trained to minimise waste and delays to ensure the solution built offers value to your customers.


A powerful and robust code base. We use modern technologies and DevOps to ensure your business is ready for today as well as scale in the future.

An engaged, active and growing user base. We work tirelessly to grow and enhance your business to ensure that your momentum doesn't stop.


A lot of iterative learning. We constantly challenge your assumptions and learn from users to ensure the product continues to lead the competition.

Deep understanding of Bootstrap

An extension to your team. We partner with you for success and that means everyone involved is devoted to going that extra mile to make things happen.

What our founders say

Ben Morgan-Smith, Founder

“Throughout the Strike programme ucreate continually tested and validated our assumptions with real users. They created an extremely efficient feedback loop which helped to mitigate against any unexpected surprises. The result was a platform that efficiently solved real problems from day one.”

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