The Strike programme

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The Strike programme

Our approach is broken down into 5 distinct phases.

Plan is the phase that kicks things off. We define and refine your vision before working back from it to create a tangible roadmap for your MVP and beyond. We outline the user journey before breaking it down into a set of ranked requirements to build out your roadmap. We finish off the phase by assembling your rock star team.

The second phase is Create and this is when we start building out your MVP. The design process continues with further user research before product UIs are created. We then outline your system architecture before combining scrum and kanban to complete development tasks. We regularly test your product with your Alpha group.

Learn is the third phase. Your MVP goes into Beta and we observe user actions and engagement whilst conducting further user testing. We continually iterate on your offering and adjust your roadmap as required. Development is prioritised using a value/complexity framework and we start our marketing experiments.

Launch is the fourth phase of the programme. We create and execute on a go to market strategy centred around your most effective marketing channel. We treat each user interaction as a moment of truth to learn and improve as your product is still young. Technical refactoring is built in alongside iterations and new capabilities.

The fifth and final phase is Grow. We continue to focus on your niche to sustain your superiority. Our product releases are heavily geared towards your success metrics to ensure your business scales. We introduce new technical processes to build product confidence whilst outlining a future-proof strategy and team to deliver it.

The final output is a stable, measured, robust and valued product. You will have a loyal and engaged community who are advocates for your business. You can also expect a clear strategic plan to ensure you have a continued competitive advantage. You are now perfectly placed to execute and surpass your original vision.

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