The Flash programme

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The Flash programme

Flash is broken down into 5 distinct phases.

The first phase, Prepare, happens prior to officially starting the programme. The focus here is on outlining a succinct business model and approach as well as describing the target market in greater detail. Research and testing sessions are scheduled in advance and we start to identify the elements which are important to your brand.

The second phase of the programme is Immerse and this is where the programme officially begins. We run a series of discovery workshops and perform initial market research to create a shared understanding and knowledge base. User interviews are performed and we finalise branding to focus on the target user moving forward.

The third phase is called Design. Here we begin to focus on the actual product. We use our research to outline the product strategy and conduct further user interviews to test strategic assumptions. To test the proposition with a wider audience we create a single page website and we begin to sketch the product with wireframes.

Validate is our fourth phase. Here we conduct user testing to see how users interact with the proposed experience and adjust our wireframes based on the insights derived. Once happy we then move to high fidelity UI designs (the actual screens) and conduct further testing. This is when the product will really come to life.

The fifth and final stage is called Aggregate. This is where everything comes together as we make the final tweaks to our UIs before creating an interactive prototype which mimics a real life app. We then focus on a feasibility analysis before finishing the programme by creating a pitch deck to help outline the investment opportunity.

Final outputs will include a unique brand, a defined strategy, a set of product designs, an interactive prototype, a single page website with lead capture and a pitch deck. These outputs not only help with defining the right product but they also ensure the Strike programme can kick off in a quick yet comprehensive manner.

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