Our 3rd Birthday

ucreate has turned 3 years old. Not only did we survive, we flourished. Find out our story and the learnings we had along the way.

In January 2015 our founder, Matt Jonns, set out on a new venture — to disrupt the status quo of the web development industry and change the way startups are built.

With nothing more than this idea, a determined business partner (Vishal Shahi, our Indian CEO) and a laptop, ucreate was born.

Three years on, we’ve built 20 startups, gained over 100,000+ hours of startup expertise, developed an 80 person strong team and built a startup portfolio that has a combined value of over £100 million.

That said, it’s by no means been a smooth journey. Startup life rarely is! But we’ve loved every minute of it.

The start

It was day 1. We already had a startup raring to go, a rough model in place and a whole lot of ambition.

Yes, our process was raw and untested, but, we focused on the end result — not the hurdles in our way.

We managed to build a good MVP. A product that the company was happy with. However, there was one unexpected surprise. The startup hadn’t raised the money to pay us.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…. This isn’t unequivocally what’s known as the best start to a business. But it was the cards we were dealt.

So we scraped by for a couple of months, kept our heads high and went seeking for more business. Our efforts soon paid off when we were joined by our first official founder, When You Move.

They were our catalyst.

From When You Move, we began to see an influx of founders and companies reach out to us. From big corporations to newly established startups. They wanted to work with us, develop software and apps and become part of the ucreate ecosystem.

Building the right team

We were experiencing rapid growth and needed to expand. Fast.

Over the course of the next 30 months, our team grew from five to eighty. We opened up additional offices in Poland, upgraded our HQ in London and drastically expanded our development hub in India. But, like any business who experiences rapid growth, our emphasis wasn’t only on hiring quickly, it was on hiring correctly.

The goal was to create a workplace culture centred around creativity, trust and fulfilment. To build a team that not only fixes our vulnerabilities, but actively amplifies our strengths. We looked for individuals who are passionate about startup culture, startup life and knew that they were fundamentally making a difference to the world.

But still… Even with culture at a high and growth remaining strong, there was something missing. We weren’t just a development agency. We wanted to be different, revolutionary, game-changing….

We needed to pivot.

Enhancing our approach: Flash & Strike

So, with over 100,000 hours of startup expertise under our belt, we decided to productise our offer. We refined our approach and re-positioned ourselves from the humble development agency, to London’s leading startup studio.

This process led to our new current service structure;

What’s next:

There’s many exciting milestones lined up for us at ucreate. From the expansion of our workforce to our plan to build 100 startups by 2021

It’s going to be a busy few years…