So you have been to INSPIRE 2018, now what?

Once again, INSPIRE 2018, Agile Chandigarh’s flagship event is back to celebrate the success of Agile and its journey. The event will be held on 1st and 2nd June 2018, at Hometel Hotel, Chandigarh. You have been to INSPIRE 2018, now what?

INSPIRE 2018 was an event to behold. Bringing together over 500 Agile enthusiasts, the conference gave a new insights into Agile methodologies, the latest lean practices and what the future has in store Agile models. 

Now if you're like us, you probably can't wait another year to hear about the latest innovations in Agile practices... and you shouldn't have too!

At ucreate, we live and breathe Agile development - it's embedded in our DNA. We regularly run workshops to train our staff and trial new practices that enable us to remain global leaders in everything Agile. If this is something you're interested in, then ucreate might just be the perfect fit for you.

But why exactly do we follow agile practices? 

In the digital world, companies need to be highly adaptable, they need to understand their consumer's needs and deliver results quickly.

Agile development allows businesses to do this. It moves them away from conventional processes to lean effective models, but, only when done correctly. You see, despite the rise of the popularity of “Agile” methodologies, lapses in the right implementation of them often result in businesses falling short of their goals.

It’s something we see time and again an ucreate. A startup comes to us seeking new creative ways of working. They want to find tools to help them drive growth and learn from our lean processes. Teaching these startups is what we do best. So last week, when the opportunity arose for us to share our thoughts on Agile methodologies at INSPIRE 2018, we jumped at the opportunity.

INSPIRE 2018, was a playground for agile enthusiasts. Based in Chandigarh, the 3rd iteration of the event celebrated the application of Agile thinking, product management and the tools and techniques required to deliver high-quality products to market. Our CTO, Pawel Kaminski, and one of our Senior Product Manager’s, Joe Dempsey, flew out from London to speak and run workshops at the event.

They loved every second of it!



With over 500 people in attendance eager to learn about lean thinking, the event was truly awe-inspiring . Pawel and Joe shared our agile manifesto, took a deep dive into how we transform ideas into visionary businesses and how we push to be leaders in Agile methodologies in both Chandigarh and across the world. In fact, this drive and core belief in Agile methodologies have been fundamental to our growth.

In the past three years, we’ve become recognised as global startup experts. Although the company has drastically changed in these past years, one aspect has always remained constant - the culture. We believe in a workplace centred around creativity, trust and fulfilment. A workforce that not only fixes vulnerabilities but actively amplifies strengths. We look for individuals who are passionate about agile culture, startup life and want to develop their skills.




So what is next for agile development? You could wait another year to hear about the latest news from ucreate at INSPIRE 2019.... Or you could join our team and find out today.